xQc gets caught out after trying to get sneaky in ranked Overwatch

Joe O'Brien

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a sneaky play turned around on him after Dallas Fuel’s Son ‘OGE’ Min-seok caught it on death cam.

The former Dallas Fuel main tank matched up with the current Dallas Fuel main tank in a ranked match on King’s Row.

After a successful fight sent all of OGE’s team back to spawn, xQc decided to set up for a big play. “This either throws or it carries” he said, hiding around a corner as Reinhardt, his Earthshatter ready to flatten the enemy team as they pass.

The rest of his team backed the play, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for xQc. The enemy instead came behind him, forcing him out of position. In the opening, OGE and team were able to rush into the point and wipe out xQc’s side.

xQc’s immediate assumption for such a clear counter-play to what should have been an unexpected position was that somebody on the other team was watching his stream. It’s certainly not an unprecedented issue for streamers to have, but in this case it was actually just an unfortunate consequence of game mechanics.

After OGE died in the previous engagement, his death cam – which gives players a view of their body as they wait to respawn – gave him the perfect angle to see how the enemy was setting up. After realizing xQc’s intentions, OGE gave the call to isolate him.

OGE’s play won the battle, but ultimately it was xQc who won the war, holding on the third stage defence to claim the map victory 3-2.