Seagull gets a triple kill from spawn during Overwatch match

Bill Cooney

One of the great things about Overwatch is that it lets you change your team’s composition in the middle of the match, Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned was doing just that when he managed to score a triple kill Dragonstrike from the spawn room.

Standing in the spawn room, Seagull moves towards the door before deciding to see if he can catch anything with his dragons before he switches heroes to try and save the attack.

“Are you going to hit anything, dragon, before I swap to Reaper?” the streamer asked his ultimate right before the kills started to roll in.

After taking out a Doomfist, Winston and Wrecking Ball, Seagull proudly announces “I’m fucking dominating” before switching over to Reaper.

The clip ends before we find out if Seagull’s switch to Reaper actually helped his team or not, but that random dragonstrike can’t have hurt too much.

Seagull was a member of the Dallas Fuel during the Overwatch League’s inaugural season before stepping down after the finals to go back to streaming full-time.

The Overwatch League might miss him, but fans of his stream are happy with Seagull where he is today, especially when he’s hitting shots like this.