xQc explains why he’s on the verge of quitting Overwatch

Overwatch pro Félix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel shocked his audience during his October 18 broadcast when he revealed that this year’s World Cup at Blizzcon 2019 might be his last time playing the hero shooter.

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xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and with his quick speech and explosive rants, the Canadian has amassed a following of millions – he is currently one of the top three most subscribed channels on the platform.

However, before he became a streaming personality, he was also considered one of the best Tanks in the hero shooter Overwatch, and competed in the pro scene. However, now the Canadian pro is saying this year’s World Cup at Blizzcon might be the last time he plays the game. 

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Instagram: @xqcow1The Canadian is considered one of the best Tanks in Overwatch, and is competing in this year’s World Cup for Team Canada.
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xQc on why he might quit Overwatch

Just as the the Canadian streamer was wrapping up his broadcast, he opened up to his audience about his bleak outlook on the future of playing the team-based shooter. 

“I think World Cup and Blizzcon will really kind of be like a final chapter. I feel like both competitively and casually as the same time.” xQc said.

He then went on to explain his view that this year’s annual convention for Blizzard will be ‘make or break’ for the online shooter. “Blizzcon’s World Cup, and at the same time the content they are going to release, is either going to be full throttle PogChamp like we are going in on both sides, or we’re just not gonna go in on either, and just never gonna do it again,” he exclaimed.

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The Twitch star then elaborated further, and said that the current state of the game is in crisis. “I think it’s that bad. The game right now is really unplayable. And competitively it’s even worse.”

Despite being down on his current outlook for the game, xQc still wished the game the best. “Hopefully it’s good, dude!” he said, although he didn’t seem optimistic.

(Mobile viewers, click here for the clip.)

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xQc hasn’t been loving Overwatch for a while though, and during one of his August broadcasts, the Twitch star explained the issues he had with the shooter’s meta, claiming that it has too many shields and barriers that are “unrewarding” to shoot constantly.

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The Canadian streamer echoed this sentiment again on October 15, tweeting “Please add barriers and shields, as much as possible. Blocking THOUSANDS of bullets,” in response to Riot Games announcing a new first-person shooter competitor to Overwatch.

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Time will tell if what Blizzard announces at Blizzcon 2019 will turn things around the for Twitch star, but what that entails is anyone’s guess.

Should this year be the end of the hero shooter for the Canadian, he has his exploding career on Twitch that has seen him gain over 1.6 million followers, and according to most third party sites, he’s currently in the top three most subscribed channels on the entire streaming platform. 

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