Overwatch players are photobombing Junkenstein’s Revenge & it’s amazing

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community is taking advantage of the zoom-in camera angles in Halloween minigame Junkenstein’s Revenge, and is coming up with some pretty creative photobombs.

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The Halloween Terror 2019 event kicked off on October 15, along with the release of the first-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch.

Junkenstein’s Revenge is the event’s exclusive co-op PvE brawl mode that pits players against Dr Junkenstein’s creations, and the Overwatch community is taking the opportunity to mess around with it while it’s here.

Reddit: ghettoverit / Blizzard EntertainmentPeople have been photobombing ever since the event started in 2016, and it gets better every year.
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Photobombing Junkenstein’s Revenge

While wavekilling Zomnic robots in the mode, sometimes NPC characters such as The Summoner (Symmetra) and The Reaper (Reaper) will appear, prefaced by a small cutscene to announce their presence.

During the scene, real players can be seen if stood in the correct spot, and this is what they’re taking advantage of – using the moment to come up with some comical photobombs.

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The Overwatch subreddit is bursting at the seams with clips of people participating in the shenanigans, and some of the submissions are absolutely hilarious.

User ‘Drunken_Queen’ uploaded their clip on October 19, and it shows Soldier: 76 using his Rattle Drum emote from the Lunar New Year event in perfect timing with Junkenstein’s Monster’s (Roadhog) entrance.

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Another user ‘Andredz97’ used the Monster’s appearance to troll with Zenyatta’s new Stretch emote given to him during the same Terror event. 

It’s probably the scariest addition of them all, given that the Omnic monk usually floats with his legs crossed – seeing him standing up is nightmare fuel.

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In a hilarious twist, Redditor ‘mikelele33’ showed off a photobomb they’d clipped, but instead of sabotaging the clip themselves with a funny dance or emote, one of the NPC Zomnic robots decided to get in on the action and ruin The Summoner’s moment.

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While it wasn’t a deliberate disruption by a player, the fact that an NPC wanted in on the fun makes it all the more funnier.

At the time of writing, the Halloween 2019 event is ongoing until November 4, so players still have plenty of time to bask in its spooky glory.

Who knows? Maybe next year Blizzard will acknowledge the photobombs and add in some fitting emotes to go along with the 2020 event – we’ll just have to wait and see.