xQc rage quits Overwatch, explains why it’s “by far the worst” it’s ever been

Published: 23/Aug/2019 22:52 Updated: 23/Aug/2019 23:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel explained to his chat that the game isn’t fun anymore and the worst it’s ever been.

Ever since his addition to the game, Overwatch players have been figuring out how to get the most out of Sigma, the game’s newest hero. 

As it turns out, running Sigma – who is somewhat of a main tank/off tank hybrid alongside an Orisa, creates a near-impenetrable wall of barriers that DPS heroes have a difficult time shredding through. 

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma’s ability to redeploy his barrier is very strong.

In fact, as xQc explains, flanking should be the best option, but Sigma can shut down flankers with relative ease.

“On most maps you have Team A and Team B and you shield your team for them to push forward,” he said while drawing in MS Paint. 

“Some DPS can take big risks in order to get a flank to the side, right? And take risk and take daring moves to do damage. But then okay, with no risk at all, Sigma can just shield here,” he added while drawing a new shield off to the side where a flanker would be coming from.

“Reshield, reshield, reshield,” the French Canadian Twitch star mouth spammed. “And he can single-handedly shut down any flank from ever occurring. All the time.”

Later on, the tank main told his chat that Overwatch is the worst he’s ever seen it. “I can’t play this,” he confessed. “This is just not fun. It’s a piece of shit. And I don’t think I’ve ever hated a meta… this is ‘experience wise’, by far the worst I’ve ever had my hands on.”

“I’ve never seen something this unenjoyable. Shooting barriers is extremely unrewarding for the players, it feels like you’re achieving nothing. Having one elim after 20 minutes is not something that we sign up for… so I will stop playing for the day, dude, we’re playing some other game. I’m done with this,” the unusually calm xQc said. 

The Reinhardt/Winston specialist isn’t the only one annoyed by the strength of double barrier comps.  

Felix’s former Dallas Fuel teammate Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen recently voiced his displeasure with Sigma too. “I love playing against Sigma. I have to ignore and run away from him since I cant do damage to him unless I play doomfist,” he said on Twitter.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc will be representing Team Canada at the Overwatch World Cup.

“In addition to blocking your damage, he can block healing from your teammates if he chases you. Frustrating to say the least,” the Finnish sniper added. 

Overwatch’s latest PTR patch did nerf the damage done by Sigma’s primary fire, but problems his shield creates were not addressed. 

Only time will tell if Blizzard decides to tune Sigma further to allow for more counterplay. 


Report claims Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight postponed

Published: 24/Jan/2021 23:13

by Charlotte Colombo


News outlets are reporting that highly-anticipated boxing match between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber-turned-amateur-boxer Logan Paul is being postponed.

Irish sports journalist Donagh Corby, who reports on behalf of MMA Island, claimed in a Tweet that he was told the match – which was scheduled for 2o February – had been rescheduled. He claims he was told this by Kelvin Moore, Logan Paul’s coach.

This comes after Moore posted about the fight being postponed on his own social media before deleting it.

The special exhibition fight, which Mayweather was set to come out of retirement for, was meant to be a pay-per-view event sponsored by Fanmio, a business offering video messages by celebrities.

Adding fuel to the rumors, fans noticed that Mayweather has since taken Fanmio out of his Twitter bio. JLeon also hinted that a reschedule was on the horizon during the latest episode of Jeff Mayweather’s podcast, where he said that he was “still waiting to hear the official date” of the fight.

Although Boxing News 24/7 reported that the fight has been delayed due to a “distinct lack of interest”, there is no official reason for the supposed reschedule.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the alleged postponement. One Twitter user claimed that “this has been known by some fans for a couple of weeks now”, while others were amused that “lack of interest” is the alleged reason for the postponement. A fan on Twitter said of the “lack of interest rumours: “That’s really the worst for Logan Paul -not humiliation or losing but nobody giving a s**t.”

Others are sceptical that a “lack of interest” is the true reason for the rescheduling, with one Twitter fan pointing out that it couldn’t be postponed due to lack of interest because the fight “hasn’t been promoted at all.”

This led to Twitter users speculating that the postponement is actually due to a struggle to secure a venue and confirm undercards.

Neither Paul nor Mayweather have spoken out publicly about the alleged postponement.

At the time of writing, Fanmio are still selling PPV access to the fight, with their website saying that the fight is set to happen in 27 days.