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Who is Overwatch hero 30? Everything we know so far

Published: 22/Feb/2019 8:21 Updated: 22/Feb/2019 9:18

by Joe O'Brien


Blizzard have released the first teaser for the next Overwatch hero, leading to rampant speculation about who exactly the game’s 30th playable character could be.

The teaser reveals a letter sent to Captain Cuerva of Talon, who details his progress on a mission to retrieve – or, failing that, execute – a defector from the organization.

Blizzard have a habit of deliberate misdirection with these kinds of teasers, but in this instance the clue does focus on one individual who makes for a compelling choice as a new hero: Jean-Baptiste Augustin, typically referred to simply as “Baptiste”, the rogue agent being hunted.


The letter gives several details about Baptiste. Cuerva states he was “one of our best”, revealing that he’d “never known a medic to be such a good shot, and his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent.” He also states he was “built to survive”, and has “the Devil’s own luck.”

The letter revealed by the first teaser.

Baptiste’s capabilities show in his actions as well. In Cuerva’s original letter, he describes how three members of his team went missing, before their emblems were sent to him with a note saying “Come find me, Cuerva.” 

Cuerva’s letter itself is embedded in another note by Senior Analyst Trung Le Nguyen, who describes it as providing new information about “Captain Cuerva’s missing strike team.”


It appears that Baptiste ultimately dispatched an entire Talon strike team, presumably by himself, making him formidable enough to join the roster of playable heroes.

Baptiste isn’t the only intriguing element of the teaser, however. The letter was revealed after the Talon records were hacked, suggesting Sombra’s involvement, but exactly what Sombra’s connection might be to the events detailed remains unclear. So too does the reason Baptiste defected in the first place, especially considering Talon’s evident policy towards retirement from the organization.

Fans have also speculated that this teaser could also hold clues regarding the next in-game event, which will be next edition of the story-focused Overwatch Archives event. Cuerva reveals that Baptiste is needed “now more than ever”, suggesting that Talon is in turmoil of some kind. Considering that the previous Archives event, “Retribution”, saw a major Talon boss eliminated by Blackwatch, it’s possible Blizzard could be gearing up to explore the aftermath of that event in the next iteration.


Whatever the truth behind this teaser, it’s likely fans won’t have to speculate for too long. Assuming Blizzard stick to their typical schedule, more teasers can be expected over the coming days, with a full hero reveal likely by the end of the month.