Twitch streamers FRAN & Eskay get ‘married’ in Overwatch ceremony

Theo Salaun

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]

Two of Overwatch’s bigger streamers, FRAN and Eskay, cemented their support duo relationship with a virtual congregation, set in a workshopped version of the game’s Paris map.

Some relationships start with a childhood crush in high school, some with a chance encounter at a communal space, and a good amount through the internet’s advent of dating apps.

But one relationship started with a Mercy damage-boosting her Zenyatta, presumably shifted to Discord calls, and, now, into a surprisingly wholesome e-wedding set where it all began for the two: on one of Overwatch’s 2CP maps.

Despite existing solely in the virtual world, FRAN and Eskay organized a limited, socially distanced gathering in Paris’ outdoor garden area between Point A and Point B with several friends and family members. 

With the Eiffel tower lit by sunlight in the background, the congregation featured shining, custom-crafted pews, overhanging streamers, and a hearts-covered gazebo — all constructed with beams of light and sparkling effects as created by the talented workshop creator, Andy ‘andygmb1’ Bohan.

With ceremonies conducted by a legally certified reverend and current Overwatch Contenders competitor, Marcus ‘Gunther’ Raskob, the small group heard words from FRAN’s best man, Jeff ‘Emongg’ Anderson, another popular streamer and former Contenders player, and Eskay’s maid of honor, Jiri ‘LiNkzr’ Masalin, who plays DPS for the Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws.

They also got to enjoy a bizarre anecdote about FRAN’s childhood tendencies to walk around like a crab from KarQ, another streamer who happens to be FRAN’s cousin. 

“Under the eyes of Jeff, I solemnly consecrate these matrimonial proceedings and the sacred duo you both shall enter unto this day. Marriage is a rite as old as humanity, under many names and many banners, yet the union remains.”

With Gunther repeating that all is seen under the eyes of Blizzard Entertainment’s Game Director and Vice President Jeff Kaplan, the two exchanged vows and were asked if they were ready to take each other’s hand, to which they responded: “I duo.”

EskayOWThe couple held a huge in-game ceremony to celebrate their e-wedding.

The ceremony concluded as their relationship once began, with Eskay, once again, blue-beaming FRAN’s Zenyatta. Subsequently, all attendees unleashed their ultimates in an expression of applause one could only find in the game’s world.

At one point, another attending streamer and former Contenders player, Christopher ‘Jay3’ Pavloff, had to explain “no, it’s not me” when suddenly asked “are ya’ getting married son?” by his dad.

Fortunately, it can be him or anyone else, as the workshop code for Andy’s wedding mode has been shared with the masses: FTWNN.

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