Torbjörn’s Summer Games skin is an important Overwatch milestone

Bill Cooney

seven new skins available during Summer Games this year, but only the four new Legendary skins (along with previous years’ cosmetics) are available in event loot boxes.

Fortunately that includes Torb’s new Legendary “Surf N’ Splash” skin which apart from being the greatest Overwatch skin ever created, also makes him the first hero to get a Legendary skin for every event.

Overwatch’s favorite engineer

Blizzard’s Torbjörn favoritism was noticed by Reddit user crtoonmnky who pointed out that with Surf N’ Splash, he’s the first hero to get a Legendary skin for all six annual Overwatch events.

  • Summer Games: Surf N’ Splash
  • Halloween Terror: Viking
  • Winter Wonderland: Santaclad
  • Lunar New Year: Zhang Fei
  • Archives: Ironclad and Chief Engineer Lindholm
  • Anniversary: Cybjörn

“A few heroes were close, with McCree missing a Winter legendary and Tracer not having a Halloween skin at all, crtoonmnky noted. “But our Swedish meatball managed to beat even the game’s poster girl.”

Blizzard EntertainmentMove over Wave Hanzo, you’ve got some serious competition.

Besides being the skin to complete Torb’s Legendary set, the skin also comes with some great details, apart from looking absolutely amazing.

His Turret and his slag gun have been turned into water guns, but the best part might be his hammer which looks like an inflatable carnival prize and even squeaks on contact, as shown in this video from Reddit user Owlero.

What’s new for Summer Games 2019?

Overwatch’s 2019 Summer Games event brings back Lucioball, but this year Hammond is the ball in his new Lucioball skin, unfortunately he’s not playable and acts just like balls of past years.

There’s also a new way for players to earn the Summer Games epic skins for 2019 which again, aren’t available in Loot Boxes.

To earn the epic skins for Reinhardt, Mei and Reaper, players have to win nine games in any mode to complete the new weekly mini challenges.

Blizzard EntertainmentAmerican Reaper is the reward for winning nine games during Week One of Summer Games 2019.

With some new skins and cosmetics to collect and plenty of Lucioball to play, there should be enough to keep Overwatch players entertained, for the next few weeks at least.