This Overwatch fan concept is the holiday skin Orisa deserves

Blizzard Entertainment

Once again, Orisa got left out in the cold when it came to Winter Wonderland skins this year, so Overwatch fan and artist 27dogs decided to create an awesome one of their own.

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Orisa was not one of the lucky heroes, like Lucio or Zarya, to get Winter Wonderland skins this year, making it the second holiday event to skip over the hero since her release.

That didn’t sit right with fans of the Omnic, so artist 27dogs decided to use their abilities to do something about it.

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27dogs posted the concept to their Instagram, and it features Orisa reimagined as a reindeer, complete with some actual hooves.

She’s also got reins, sleigh bells all over and a Christmas wreath Supercharger on her back, which really adds to the holiday feel of this skin.

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Maybe someone from the Overwatch team will see 27dogs awesome creation and take some inspiration from it for next year.

For now though, players will have until the end of the Winter Wonderland event on January 2, 2019 to get this year’s skins.

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