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Overwatch player shows off clever strategy with Zenyatta on Junkertown

Published: 12/Dec/2018 23:01 Updated: 12/Dec/2018 23:11

by Bill Cooney


Zenyatta’s ultimate, Transcendence, can end up taking longer to charge during a match than any other hero in Overwatch, but one player has discovered a little trick that could give it a head start.

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Ultimate charge is crucial in Overwatch for teams that want to win, and coordination of those ultimates is often the difference between gaining and losing SR in competitive matches.

Some heroes, like Mercy, can charge their ultimate abilities pretty quickly, but for others like Zenyatta, it can take a little longer.

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Reddit user bigly96 discovered a way for Zen players to possibly jump-start their ultimate charge on defense by sending in a fully-charged volly of Zenyatta’s alternate fire into the attacking spawn right away.


Positioning is key for this shot to work though, as bigly96 places themselves on the high ground, looking underneath the bridge in front of the first spawn, making it tough for the waiting enemies to see where they are.

Junkertown Zenyatta Spawn Snipe from r/Overwatch

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In the clip, this strategy pays off big time with two kills right off the bat, but it really depends on how enemies choose to exit the spawn.

Still, this strategy is pretty low-risk, high-reward, so it could be a good habit for Zenyatta players to get into.