Stunning Overwatch animation imagines a new Genji Dragon ability for Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment

There is a lot of talent in the Overwatch community and some of that is bleeding into Overwatch 2 anticipation. Now, a fan animated an entirely new “Dragon’s Snare” ability for Genji and it is quite impressive.

Overwatch came out in May 2016. It is now November 2021. Many years have passed and, in that time, the game’s fans have only grown more creative and more prepared for the highly anticipated sequel.

With Overwatch 2 still devoid of an official release date, players have shifted focus to their imagination. And one fan coupled that thinking with animation skills, creating a new Genji ability that would fit perfectly into the sequel.

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Unlike his brother Hanzo, Genji needs to get up close and personal to use his Dragon ultimate. But, in PJRascals’ “Dragon’s Snare,” he would maintain cyber-ninja stealth while adding a little range to the green death sentence.

New Genji Dragon ability concept for Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, the PvE modes will have skill trees that allow players to choose “talents” for their preferred hero. These let you customize a character to your liking, switching up abilities based on your preferences.

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So PJRascals decided to come up with a Genji talent and, in doing so, “Dragon’s Snare” was born. As you can see in the tweet embedded above, it looks very real. And, as you can see in the replies, people think it looks very cool.

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Genji OverwatchBlizzard
Despite a different look, Genji will still be a metal ninja in Overwatch 2.

One user replied to the Genji idea with a “this is so legit,” while another upped the ante: “this is literally the coolest s**t.

“It makes me happy to see that some of the community is still excited and passionate about OW and OW2.”

And the compliments are spot on. Not only does the animation look like Overwatch, the idea of Genji’s dragons sneakily trapping an enemy fits with his cyber-ninja lore as well. It’s a fun concept and one that the devs could most certainly take note of.

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