Overwatch streamer’s Bronze vs Hard AI tournament becomes must-see blooper reel

Michael Gwilliam
Bronze vs AI Overwatch tournament

With Overwatch 2 delayed once again and players hungry for new content, Twitch streamer Flats decided to spice things up by holding a Bronze vs AI tournament with spectacular results.

The AI in Overwatch isn’t exactly world class, as the game is best known as a team-based hero shooter. That said, players do have the option, if they should choose, to compete against easy and hard AI-controlled opponents.

But, what would happen if a team of hard bots was to take on a squad of Bronze players – the lowest-ranked Blizzard’s FPS has to offer? Would they defy their SR and squash the AI, or would the computer overcome their human nemesis?

Flats decided to put this question to the test in a best-of-5 tournament and the result was nothing short of a blooper-filled comedy festival.

Bronze Overwatch players vs AI bots

Despite being AI, throughout the series, computer-controlled heroes frequently found themselves falling off maps completely out of nowhere.

In one clip from Lijang Tower, the AI Zenyatta and Baptiste fell to their doom before rejoining the fray. Trying to reenter the fray, the Baptiste somehow managed to jump off the map again, stunning the streamer.

To add to the hilarity, the Junkrat computer decided to eliminate himself soon thereafter, completing the comedy of errors.

On King’s Row, the AI held what can only be described as a less-than-practical defensive position, all huddling together on the point.

Once the round began, they all perished within seconds, much to the delight of Flats who let out a monstrous belly laugh. “How the f**k is this supposed to be the hardest bots?” he asked.

Nothing, however, could prepare him for the nonsense that occurred on Ilios as the AI kept jumping into the well one after the other in an incredible series of environmental kills.

When the dust settled, the Bronze players were victorious, proving that humanity has a fighting chance against machines should Judgment Day ever unfold.

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