Sneaky Overwatch trick makes Mei and McCree a lethal DPS combo

Michael Gwilliam
Mei and McCree

Overwatch players looking for a new combo to completely catch enemies off guard and score team kills with ease should look no further than this trick with Mei and McCree.

The Overwatch League returned for its fourth season on April 16 with a weekend full of matches and none were quite as mesmerizing as when the San Francisco Shock took on the Houston Outlaws.

The reigning two-time OWL champions were in a tough fight, trying to pull off a reverse sweep against the upstart Outlaws squad when in game five, the series shifted to Oasis.

With the Shock in control of the point on Gardens, the DPS duo of Nam-joo ‘Striker’ Kwon and Charlie ‘Nero’ Zwarg used a tech to gain an advantageous position in the doorway leading to the objective.

McCree on King's Row
Mei and McCree can really catch enemies off guard.

By using a Mei Wall in the doorway, Nero was able to send Strike up where he could stand on the ledge, completely unseen by the enemy team.

Despite the fact the Outlaws seemed to believe something was up, the squad still pushed in, leading with their main tank on the Reinhardt. This decision would prove to be fatal as Strike was able to easily hit a Flashbang over the shield to stun several Outlaws players.

If that wasn’t smart enough already, while the Houston players were stunned, Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi was free to land a massive Earthshatter that sent his foes to the ground below where they were swiftly eliminated. (Timestamp 1:40:38 for mobile viewers)

Even the commentators were impressed with Uber remarking how the play was “cheeky” and compared Striker to Spider-Man being on the doorway as he was.

Of course, the Shock only tried the strategy once as it was unlikely their opponents would fall for it again. The play did end up paying dividends, however, as San Francisco gained quite a bit of point percentage which ultimately was enough to win them the map a bit later on.

Shockingly, despite the heroic actions to tie the series up 2-2, the Shock would fall short on Havana and lose the series 3-2. Nonetheless, it was one heck of a good match and even showed an amazing trick that you can use in your own ranked games.

Be sure to give it a shot next time you have a Mei and a McCree on your team when you queue up.

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