Simple Overwatch flank lets heroes reach Blizzard World Point B instantly

Michael Gwilliam
Genji in Blizzard World

An incredible new Overwatch flank route in the Blizzard World map has been discovered that lets heroes get from Point A to B in just seconds.

Blizzard World is one of the most interesting Overwatch maps from a design standpoint, as it’s a whole theme park dedicated to other Blizzard games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.

It also features a relatively defensive-favored streets phase, as teams are tasked with escorting a payload through the next two points after initially capturing the first objective on the hybrid map.

In the event that the defenders are able to hold the payload just before the second point, it can be a very long trip back for attacking heroes, who are forced to contend with enemies in favorable high ground positions.

Once Point A is captured, the fun can begin.

Luckily, a new flank route has been discovered that will surely change up how fights play out in the future – and the best part of this new method is how many heroes are capable of making use of this flank.

As detailed by YouTuber Unmeatable, after capturing the first point, if you go to the rocks by the mineral field, it’s possible to use movement abilities to get around and wrap around to the other side.

All of the game’s dive tanks can use the flank. With D.Va it’s extremely easy, since all you have to do is boost. Winston can just jump and then use his jump pack to get across, and Hammond can easily grapple.

Meanwhile, for DPS heroes, Echo and Pharah are really straight forward – just hover or fly over. Doomfist can uppercut, quick punch and slam. For Genji, you need to use the Swift Strike ability, but this could be a good time to activate Dragon Blade, as it will reset Swift Strike and catch enemies off-guard.

Amusingly, you can even make it with Hanzo and Sombra. For the archer Shimada, you can do so by wall climbing and bouncing off rocks. For everyone’s favorite hacker hero, you need to throw the Translocator at just the right position. Still, if you get it right, you could catch your opponents with a wicked EMP.

Lucio can also get across by using his Wallride and obviously, Mercy can use her Guardian Angel to accompany a fellow hero on their flank.

Next time you’re playing Blizzard World and the enemy has you pinned down, give this flank a try to break their defenses in style – not to mention get back to the point even faster.