Secret Overwatch hiding spot lets Roadhog score free kills on Lijang Tower

Roadhog on Lijang Control CenterBlizzard Entertainment

Roadhog’s Chainhook is easily one of the most powerful abilities in Overwatch and a secret spot on Lijang Tower makes the ability even more effective against unsuspecting enemies.

Chainhook is unique in that it can latch onto enemies and bring them forward, towards Roadhog where they’re vulnerable to a shotgun blast to the face.

Another big benefit of Chainhook is it can be used to interrupt other abilities, making it an excellent tool to deal with ulting Moiras, Pharahs, and other heroes.

The hook can also be used to score environmental kills. By timing the hook while Roadhog is facing a ledge, he can send enemies to their doom and off the map.

Roadhog using Take a Breather in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Roadhog’s hook can be extremely powerful.

This last tactic can have the most benefit, especially if it’s used against enemy tanks as it will score Roadhog a lot of ultimate charge in the process.

Landing these hook kills can be extremely tilting for anyone on the other end and Overwatch streamer Gibba has discovered an amazing spot on Lijiang Tower that can make some opponents rage quit.

With his team in possession of the point on Control Center, the Hog player proceeded to flank on the outside near a catwalk. After turning to his left, he spotted the enemy team regrouping to go in.

Here is where things get crazy. There is a small gap that Roadhog can actually send his hook through to latch onto enemy players. After firing the hook through, he managed to grab an enemy McCree and send him falling below with an environmental kill.

“Yo clip that!” he screamed with glee to his chat. “Bro, holy sh*t!”

Gibba’s viewers were extremely impressed with some users writing “no way” and “wtf that hook spot” in the chat.

This trick can really come in handy, especially if you’re in a situation where the enemy team only has time for one last push. Being able to secure an early frag right off the bat can pay dividends and give your team a huge man advantage.