Mercy voice actor opens up on “really exciting” Overwatch 2 changes

Lucie Pohl Mercy voice actor interviewLucie Pohl, Blizzard Entertainment, Dexerto

Whether you’re an Overwatch fan or not, you’ve no doubt seen Mercy. We caught up with Lucie Pohl, the voice actor behind the iconic Swiss support, to talk all things Mercy and Overwatch 2. 

There’s no hero more iconic than Mercy, the game’s angelic Swiss healer with a passion for all things pure. From cosplays to artworks, skin concepts to songs dedicated to her, Mercy has truly become a staple for fans everywhere.

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We caught up with her voice actor, Lucie Pohl, to chat about all things Mercy and Overwatch 2. So buckle in, because your guardian angel is here!

Lucie Pohl: the woman behind Mercy

Instagram: ulovelucie
Dein Schutzengel ist da!

German born Lucie is a woman of many talents. After achieving notable success in comedy, she wandered into voice acting as a natural next step (even if she originally was voicing Khloe Kardashian in the German dub of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’)

Mercy, though, quickly became her piece de resistance. While she initially “didn’t realise how big of a deal it was,” Overwatch itself was an instant hit, and the hero alongside it.

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She told us being part of this community and voicing the fan favorite support “feels exactly like you would imagine it would feel like. It’s wild, it’s amazing, it’s sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes I think, ‘Wow, why me?’ and then I have to be thankful for the fact that randomly I happened to be in the right place at the right time and be what they were looking for.”

“This experience, besides the fact that the game has had so much success, and the effect that it’s had on the people that play it, the love that the people that play it have for the character and what the character means to so many people; [it] has been such an honor to be part of that.”

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Speaking of the Overwatch community…

Lucie Pohl Witch Mercy cosplayTwitter: Lucie Pohl
Lucie and Mercy are the beating hearts of the Overwatch community.

Lucie just isn’t on the fringe (hope she gets this reference) of the Overwatch universe’s dedicated community, she’s made herself a part of it.

Doing everything from jump into the stunning cosplay shown above (created by Melanie Jasmine) to religiously attending Blizzcon every year, Lucie has something to say to her fans.

“I attribute it to the fans that I have become so passionate, because they are so passionate – because you guys are so passionate. I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone on the cast that, because of you guys, we’ve become just as passionate because we’ve seen how much it means to everybody. That has inspired us a lot.”

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She’s especially thankful to all of the cosplayers out there who, whether embodying Mercy or otherwise, make her smile every day. Citing artists such as Stella Chu, as well as Zibartas’ insane animatronic Mercy outfit, she’s “in awe” of the “real artistry and real skill” that go into cosplay creation.

In fact, she loves the community so much she’s given us an insight into Overwatch 2!

Mercy’s voice actor on Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment
Lucie reprises the role of Mercy in Overwatch 2!

While Overwatch 2 still remains pretty far off on the horizon, Lucie has fuelled the hype surrounding the highly anticipated sequel.

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Acknowledging that Mercy will return, but unsure of “how big a role she’s going to have,” support mains everywhere will be rejoicing to know that their favorite support is back!

She said: “I can tell you that it’s going to be different, and really exciting. There’s some really, really exciting stuff in there that I know of already. It’s going to be a different experience with characters that you know and love.”

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And that’s something that Overwatch fans really can’t wait for.

Fans will be excited to take to the skies of Toronto and Rome as our favorite guardian angel, but until then show Lucie some love!

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