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Powerful Lucio-Orisa combo can earn Overwatch players rare achievement

Published: 13/Jan/2020 18:54

by Michael Gwilliam


Lucio’s “The Floor is Lava” achievement is one of the hardest unlockables in Overwatch, but a clever combo with help from an Orisa can help players earn the prestigious trophy.

In order to get the achievement, players need to get three killing blows while wall riding without dying. The fact that you need to be in the air when you score these frags makes the unlockable all the more difficult to obtain.

However, environmental kills count as final blows and in Overwatch, Lucio is easily one of the best heroes at scoring eliminations by booping foes off the map.


Blizzard EntertainmentBetter get all those Lucio achievements before Overwatch 2 comes out.

Semi-pro Alexander ‘Chopt’ Rossell showcased just how easy it is to get the achievement when you can coordinate with your Orisa on maps like Ilios Well.

By calling for his Orisa to use her Halt ability, pushing the enemies together in a neat group, Chopt was able to wallride behind his opponents and boop all of them into the well resulting in a massive 4K.

Not only did he score four kills with one ability, his ultimate charge went from 5% to a whopping 52%.

When the enemy team regrouped and tried to push again, this time from the right side of the map, the Lucio player called for his Orisa to go for that play again.


“We do it from that side too!” he cried out. Once he was in position, he called on his tank to Halt the enemy team again and booped them from behind, this time picking up three kills in the process.

The end result was 7 environmental kills, 100% ultimate charge and one tilted enemy team after just one minute into the round on Ilios Well.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Combing with Orisa can lead to big plays.

While in this instance the Halt was used to bring the enemy team together, it can also be useful as bringing a target closer towards the edge of the map, leaving them in a vulnerable position to be booped off the stage.


Next time you’re playing Lucio on Ilios and have an Orisa on your team, try to coordinate Halts. It may help your team not only win the game but earn yourself one of the rarest achievements in Overwatch.