Pokimane mocks teammate’s failed roast after carrying them in OW2

Alec Mullins
Pokimane at her Twitch stream setupTwitch.tv/Pokimane

Pokimane had just finished a stressful Overwatch 2 match when her teammate’s post-game roast got her fired up and ready to shoot back.

Communication is key in online gaming these days, and there are few games where it’s more crucial than Overwatch 2.

There are so many abilities to keep track of, strategies to manage, and timings to organize that it’s hard to be successful without taking advantage of the function.

Of course, while it’s a great gift for people who use it well, there are also some that are a little less-than-helpful with how they choose to employ it. Poki was certainly on the receiving end of one such player’s fury.

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Pokimane mocks teammate’s failed roast after OW2 ranked match

It was during the Play of The Game screen after an intense hold in a Ranked game that the random player got her to crack.

As the entire lobby watched Junkrat collect some kills on the map, her team’s Mercy came over the microphone with a quick insult.

“Just for future reference, never ask for a Pocket [healer] again, you’re ***,” they said, directly to Pokimane.

She was able to keep the giggles away for a few seconds but it didn’t take long for them to bust through.

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Once she recovered though it didn’t long for her to fire back a shot of her own. “The fact that he said ‘for future reference’…b**ch is this a team meeting?”

She went on to keep piling up the jokes for a while before finding a new game and shaking it off.

At the end of the day, she clearly didn’t take it too seriously. She had already been making fun of her gameplay during the match as well, so it ended up being just a funny moment for her and the stream.

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