Overwatch’s new Ana skin flamed as fans wanted another hero

Blizzard Entertainment

With a new tournament leg comes a new Overwatch League skin, but it turns out that Ana’s new OWL cosmetic isn’t having quite the same splash as the previous months’. 

As the Overwatch League (OWL) continues to get underway, fans have come to expect a new skin every month in line with a new leg of the thriving esports competition.

May gave us the adorable MM-Mei skin for the fan favorite DPS, with June Joust dropping the immensely popular Ange de la Mort outfit for French sniper, Widowmaker.

Just in time for July’s Summer Showdown, fellow sharpshooter and Egyptian icon, Ana, is getting the new Haroeris OWL cosmetic, but fans really aren’t enthralled by this one.

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Overwatch League ana skinBlizzard Entertainment
With roots in Egyptian mythology, this new Ana skin is pretty striking!

Overwatch’s new Ana skin misses the mark

Despite the fact that the healer is beloved by millions of players across the Overwatch universe, this skin really hasn’t thrilled some of the game’s fanbase.

Many were expecting a Lucio skin, as each character that has received a skin before also got an in-game trophy. Considering Lucio was the statue up for grabs, most assumed he’d be getting the Summer Showdown OWL skin.

“Mei statue = Mei skin, Widow statue = Widow skin, Lucio statue = Ana skin…” writes one disappointed player.

In terms of design, the skin also hasn’t taken off for a lot of players. On a Reddit thread dedicated to the skin, a user posted: “It’s… not that good. It just looks clunky and awkward.”

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Another calls the skin “awful,” noting that “it shares way too many similarities to her default skin and other skins she has to be legendary. Furthermore, it just isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.”

Echoing this, one final respondent notes that “there are a few elements that show some brilliance such as Ana’s hair on the back or her gun, but overall, it’s a mess.”

Overwatch Ana Haroeris skinBlizzard Entertainment
Despite its mythological roots, this skin won’t be etching itself into history.

Will you be purchasing this Ana skin? We’re sure to see it in-game either way, and it’ll be interesting to see how that stunning golden armor catches the light of the desert sun.

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The next OWL skin will drop during the Countdown Cup leg, so it’ll be interesting to see which hero gets a skin next!