Leather Widowmaker skin concept gives her the edge in Overwatch

overwatch widowmaker biker skin conceptBlizzard Entertainment, MaxPixel

Feature image background via Motorbike Tire Shop.

Overwatch’s Talon villainess, Widowmaker, has been the model for many a skin concept, but this biker design adds even more edge to her calm and collected personality. 

While Overwatch’s iconic spider queen, Widowmaker, has a whole host of in-game cosmetics that appeal to the rebellious sides of our personality, the fan-favorite DPS has become the perfect model for budding skin designers.

We’ve seen everything from this beautifully crafted origin skin, to this Marvel X Overwatch crossover, but what we haven’t seen is a more casual look for the Parisian sniper.

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Enter this stunning idea by Malaysian artist Jeremy Ho, who’s imagined what this widow looks like in her natural habitat.

overwatch electric widowmaker archives skinBlizzard Entertainment
While Widowmaker has a whole collection of stunning in-game skins, but this design is pretty unique.

Overwatch fan’s Biker Widowmaker skin

Looking to leave his competition behind in the dust, Jeremy has designed a heavy metal biker-themed skin for the Talon enchantress, and she’s revved up and ready to go.

Clad head to toe in ebony leather, she sports a stylish crossover jacket with her iconic spider decal on the back, alongside rugged combat-style pants. With black biker gloves and her poison Venom Mine launcher strapped to her arm, we wouldn’t want to mess with this Widowmaker (not that we would want to in general).

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Where the detail really shines, though, is in her helmet. Seamlessly integrating her Infra-Sight goggles into the concept art, its visor would flick downwards when she activated her ultimate. After all, safety first folks!

The safety is definitely off on that spectacular recreation of her Widow’s Kiss rifle, though. Decked out in sparkling noir and stunning magenta, we can imagine her riding a Talon motorbike into the heart of the fray, picking off enemies as she goes.

Widowmaker stands apart from both her villainous and heroic colleagues as the perfect model for skin ideas, and we can’t wait to see what other outfits we see her sporting in the future though.

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For now, though, get ready to rev your Harley and plow through your enemies. After all, they have a date with death herself, and she rides in style.