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Overwatch’s Kanezaka map may have teased new hero “Brit” for sequel

Published: 17/Dec/2020 7:58

by Andrew Amos


What’s old is new again ⁠— Brit, a Mech pilot that was first teased before Overwatch even existed, could be coming to Overwatch 2. There is a billboard in the new Kanezaka map featuring Brit, which has raised players’ suspicions.

Overwatch finally got some new content just ahead of Christmas. The release of a new deathmatch map, Kanezaka, have tickled players’ itch for new content outside of the Winter Wonderland event.

However, the map is more than just a new battlefield to run around and play Deathmatch on. It could be the key to a new hero coming in the game’s sequel, which is still penned in.


Kanezaka Overwatch map
Blizzard Entertainment
Kanezaka is Overwatch’s newest map, having been added onto the PTR on December 16.

While Overwatch 2 has been delayed again and again, and there’s been radio silence from Blizzard, a billboard on Kanezaka could point towards the new hero ⁠— even if she’s been in the discourse for over five years.

The billboard, highlighted by Twitter user ‘OverwatchNaeri’, features an image of Brit, an old hero concept from the game’s development. Fans believe that this teaser could mark her for a proper release in Overwatch 2.

“Likely to appear as a new hero in Overwatch 2, she is a hero that existed in concept art in the early days of Overwatch. Her first official appearance is like a new hero teaser for Overwatch 2,” Naeri said in their post.


Brit’s design is awfully similar to D.Va’s, the Korean M.E.K.A. pilot that is loved and adored by millions. Brit would have had a mech to ride in, just like D.Va, and wielded a pistol if she found herself on her lonesome on the battlefield.

Whether Blizzard releases a hero so similar in concept to one already existing remains to be seen. There is a distinctive flavor between every other hero in Overwatch, so there would need to be some serious reworking put into Brit’s original kit to distinguish her enough.

It won’t be long players will have to wait to hear the outcome though. Jeff Kaplan has promised Overwatch players more sequel news coming in early 2021 ⁠— no later than February ⁠— so keep your eyes and ears peeled.