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Jeff Kaplan admits Overwatch 2 still has “a ways to go” before it’s ready

Published: 17/Dec/2020 6:04 Updated: 21/Dec/2021 17:57

by Isaac McIntyre


Overwatch 2 still has “a ways to go” before it’s ready for release, Blizzard vice-president Jeff Kaplan has admitted, but promised the game’s devs would be lifting the lid on the long-awaited sequel in early February 2021.

The entire Overwatch fanbase has been waiting with bated breath for the franchise’s sequel for some time now. Overwatch 2 was first announced all the way back at BlizzCon 2019, and since then its been near-radio silence from Blizzard about developments.

Originally, Blizzard insiders were tipping Dec. 2020 as one possible Overwatch 2 release date. That isn’t looking so likely, however, according to Kaplan.

blizzcon 2019 overwatch 2 panel transcript
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 was first announced all the way back at BlizzCon 2019.

Instead, it looks like we’re going to have to wait until “at least February” before we get more details on the sequel, “at the very latest,” Kaplan admitted in a developer update released for the new Kanezaka free-for-all deathmatch map.


“We know it’s been too long,” he said. “We know we’ve been quiet.”

“Our focus is on Overwatch 2, and we’ll be talking more about that in February, at the very latest. We’re excited about the future… [we] can’t wait to talk to you more about Overwatch 2, can’t wait to show you more with Overwatch 2.

That said, Kaplan warned players should “manage expectations” on the sequel’s development. “We still have a ways to go… but we’re working extremely hard. We want this game to be great for you, both the live game and the sequel.”


The related segment begins at 5:29 in the video below.

Obviously, Jeff’s warning is pretty disappointing for diehard Overwatch 2 fans. There was an expectation ⁠— at least a small one ⁠— that the sequel may arrive sometime in 2020, so to hear that it’s still “a ways” off is a bit of a dagger in that regard.

Kaplan’s sequel teases do line up with a leak Dexerto published all the way back in early October, however.

According to Metro, a popular Overwatch leaker, the next OWL season has been delayed behind the scenes so it can be played on Overwatch 2. If that is correct, expect a beta release during BlizzCon 2021 in February next year.


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