Overwatch x Spirited Away Echo skin idea would be perfect for Halloween

Bill Cooney

One Overwatch and ‘Spirited Away’ fan created a simple yet brilliant skin for Echo that turns her into the lovable and terrifying spirit No-Face from the popular animated film.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away isn’t just one of the most popular animated films of all time, it’s also one of the most successful movies ever from Japan.

During the adventures of Chihiro as she attempts to return with her parents from the spirit world, No-Face appears as a ghost who’s able to take on the characteristics of others by consuming them – sort of similar to how Echo’s ultimate works, if you think about it.

It appears that this connection was enough to inspire Reddit user ‘Alert-Scientist6579’ to create a minimalist Echo skin featuring No-Face’s famous mask.

Other than the mask and her fingers, the rest of Echo is completely black, with just a few red highlights thrown in, and anyone who’s seen Spirited Away will instantly know who’s she’s meant to represent.

Thankfully, there’s no sign of the giant terrifying mouth that No-Face has toward the movie’s end, but honestly, it looks much cleaner and far less nightmare-inducing without it.

Like we mentioned before, the Omnic AI and the cartoon spirit each have the ability to mimic others (though thankfully Echo’s method doesn’t involve consuming the other person, otherwise she’d really be OP).

Echo uses Duplicate on Winston
Come to think of it, a good Echo can be just as scary as No-Face.

In other Overwatch skin news, it was revealed that OWL 2020 MVP Byung-sun ‘Fleta’ Kim could pick Echo for his custom skin. Whether or not he will remains to be seen, not to mention what it could potentially look like.

While she might be one of the newest heroes to join the Overwatch roster, the Omnic has already more than proven her worth as a DPS powerhouse in the right hands.

Whether or not she’ll be getting a skin for the game’s Halloween Terror event, whenever it does start, is another unknown – but with the amount of fan ideas we’ve seen far, it would be surprising if Blizzard didn’t have something up their sleeves, as well.

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