Overwatch League star Fleta reveals what hero his MVP skin will be for

Michael Gwilliam
OWL MVP Fleta is meta

The Overwatch League MVP has been decided, which means that coming next year, a skin in their honor will be released. While normally this is supposed to be a major surprise, 2020’s most valuable player has been quite vocal about which hero he wants his for his special skin.

Shanghai Dragon DPS star Byung-sun ‘Fleta’ Kim was named MVP after a tremendous season, in which he led his team to a first-place finish during the regular season and two monthly tournament wins along the way.

Interestingly, this year saw the damage superstar play a number of different heroes, ranging from Genji and Reaper to Mei and Torbjorn – meaning that his skill has truly transcended to plenty of characters.

Back when he was still an MVP nominee, he was asked by his team which hero he would want the MVP skin to be for.

Amusingly, his choice was none other than the game’s newest hero, Echo.

“I hope to bring my fans a special MVP Echo skin!” the soon-to-be MVP said back in August.

While Echo may not have been super meta for very long with Blizzard deciding to nerf the hero’s Focusing Beam, Fleta’s reasoning made perfect sense, given the fact his hero pool was so incredibly massive.

“I am known by many for my flexibility, which I agree with, and I think Echo is a good choice since it best embodies that!” he added.

Echo has a unique ultimate ability called Duplicate, which lets the hero transform into any enemy for a brief period of time with an extremely high ultimate charge rate. In order to get the most value out of Echo, however, players must have at least some understanding of the character they choose to duplicate.

Echo as portrayed in Overwatch key art.
As for which character Fleta wants to get his special MVP skin, he chose none other than Echo, a unique choice when considering his substantial arsenal of characters.

Considering the fact Echo can fly just as a Dragon can, we can’t wait to see what unique skin ideas both Fleta and the Overwatch developers come up with to celebrate his MVP season.

You can catch Fleta compete in the Overwatch League Grand Finals event starting Thursday, October 8 when the Dragons take on the Philadelphia Fusion in round one of the final four.