How to unlock rare Overwatch League Tracer skins during Grand Finals

Michael Gwilliam
Tracer OWL skin

The Overwatch League has officially revealed how players can unlock a couple of rare Tracer skins by participating in the 2020 Grand Finals event.

While the 2020 Overwatch League season was hit heavily due to global health issues, the Grand Finals are still scheduled, albeit under a different format than some are used to.

The final four teams are in Asia to compete in a new double-elimination tournament starting October 8, which means there will be more chances than ever to unlock these special rewards.

By watching one hour of Grand Finals content, players who link their Blizzard account and watch on the league’s website or mobile application will unlock a unique Tracer Mosaic spray.

Next, by watching two hours, players will earn two Tracer skins in the form of the Grey Home and Away default OWL skins.

These cosmetics were previously only available back when the league was streamed on Twitch and were unlocked by donating Bits.

The two skins are rather rare and will be a nice addition to any cosmetic-collector’s collection.

Tracer's home/away OWL skin
Fans can unlock a special Tracer skin.

Finally, players can also earn Five OWL Tokens per hour throughout the entire Final Four event, just as they could all season long. These Tokens can be used to purchase special OWL team skins or even the new D.Va and Reinhardt All-Stars ones.

Because the Grand Finals are in Asia, for those in North America, you’re going to have to wake up a bit earlier to watch all the action.

Thursday’s matches start with the Shock and Dynasty facing off at 7 AM EST or 4 AM PST. This is followed by the Fusion battling the Dragons at 9 AM EST or 6 AM PST.

Overwatch League skins
The home and away skins exist for other heroes too.

The losers and winners of those matches will meet on Friday with the action kicking off at 5 AM EST or 2 AM PST. From there, there will be a losers final to determine the two Grand Finalists on the Saturday.

Saturday’s Grand Finals will start at 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST to determine the 2020 Overwatch League Champion. Unlike other matches, this one will be a “first to four” series while the others will all be first to three.

There’s plenty of chances to unlock all the cosmetics, so be sure to catch the action and add to your collection.