New Overwatch Workshop mode tests how well you really know the maps

Blizzard - Overwatch

Consider yourself an expert on the level design in Overwatch acumen to the test thanks to this brand new Workshop creation.

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Since its release, the Workshop mode in Overwatch has seen many novel creations come to life. From unique Gun Game variants to Hot Potato, there are always new ideas reaching the forefront of the Overwatch community. 

In the latest exemplary mode, one creator has designed an interesting challenge for those who want to test their knowledge of the maps in-game. 

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Simply titled ‘Where Is It?’ the new Workshop mode has you finding obscure locations around the various maps in the world of Overwatch. 

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Holding the Right Mouse Button will pull up a picture of an interesting spot on the current map. It then becomes the task of the player to put their knowledge to the test and track down each unique place of interest. 

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When discovered, simply tap the ‘F’ key to interact with the environment and tally up a point before moving onto the next locale. 

Of note, certain details will only appear in-game if higher graphical settings are applied. Therefore, if you’re used to playing with lesser fidelity, you might not have ever seen some of these locations before.

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Some areas might come easy to experienced Overwatch players, such as the Viking spot in Blizzard World. However, the difficulty certainly ramps up to the extent that even pro players could be scratching their heads at some of the ridiculously minute details in the environment. 

From random street signs to artwork in the background of explosive team-fights, these locations are typically never in focus, making the new Workshop mode all the more challenging to veterans and newcomers alike.

Blizzard - OverwatchJust one of the many obscure locations to find in the new mode.
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Currently, the mode is only accessible on Blizzard World, however other maps are currently in development so expect a broader test of your Overwatch acumen in the near future.

You can find the code for the Workshop mode here to start playing individually or with a group of up to 12 players.