New Overwatch Workshop mode puts a fun twist on classic game type

Blizzard - Overwatch

One of the first new modes the Overwatch community took to after the Workshop creation suite was introduced, Gun Game, has seen a unique revamp in this brand new creation.

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First released on the Public Test Realm in April of 2019, Blizzard introduced the Workshop as a way for members of the Overwatch community to mold their very own custom games, right down to the finest details.

Thanks to access to all sorts of in-game coding and functionality access, a Gun Game variant quickly rose to the top of the public custom game list and has been a novel way to kill time ever since. 

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On paper, the idea of the game-mode is to rapidly swap heroes after each and every elimination. Going through all hero types from Support to Tank on your way to victory.

Putting a unique spin on the concept, in the newly created mode from Workshop specialist ‘Jokaes,’ rather than swapping heroes after each kill, you now evolve from hero to hero following the accumulation of 1000 damage. 

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In total, players will need 10,000 damage to earn themselves a victory in this novel game mode, meaning a total of 10 eliminations will net you the win.

The assortment of heroes is entirely randomized each match, but what is known is you will compete across a mix of eight DPS characters, one tank, and one support. Therefore, it’s safe to say the mode aims to test a wide range of skills and ensure your hero pool is deep enough to come out on top.

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For the time being, the game is only available through the Workshop, however if it grows to be popular enough, there’s a good chance that Blizzard could include it as a featured game type for all to see in the Arcade section of the menu.

One of the great things about the creation suite in Overwatch now, if you have any thoughts on ways to improve the experience throughout this unique take on Gun Game, you can simply enter the mode and tweak any and all settings you like to strike a new balance.

Blizzard - OverwatchSome crafty creators even designed a painting mode, allowing players to paint the maps how they please.
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Some of the all-time great Workshop creations vary from Uno in Overwatch, to a recreation of Flappy Bird. You can check out a full list of the most popular modes here.

You can also copy the Workshop code for the Gun Game variant here and test the game type out for yourself in a custom game with friends, or set up a public lobby for others to join online.