Most popular Overwatch Workshop modes and how to play them

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has revealed the most popular Workshop modes.

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The Workshop is a scripting system that harnesses the power of some of Blizzard’s own tools to give players a huge amount of control while creating new game modes.

The Workshop was first released to the Public Test Realm (PTR) on April 24, and after over three weeks of testing, feedback, and updates, was at last released to the live servers on May 21, giving all players access to the feature.

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Despite coming as a complete surprise to most Overwatch players, with such a feature not having been highly-requested, the Workshop has proven an immediate hit.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has proven a massive hit with Overwatch players.

Players have used the Workshop to create all manner of game modes, from recreations of other classic game types like a CS:GO-style bomb defuse, to coming up with their own unique modes, and even developing practice tools for improving at Overwatch itself.

Kaplan took to the Overwatch forums to reveal which modes have been most popular so far.

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“Wow, the response to the Workshop has been overwhelming. You all are creating some amazing content! We just got some stats that I figured you’d all be interested in. Thanks so much for all of this great content!”

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Here are the most popular modes in North America and Europe:

Name Duration hours Matches Avg players Share Code
UNO 1370 1556 11.3 WMVZC
Floor is Lava Parkour 1246 899 8.2 9DFF3
McCree Hot Potato 1048 1261 8.2 9J4NE
Hammond Racing 942 1271 9.5 JWY47
Gun Game 940 1469 8.2 9655A
D.Va Bumperkart 897 1094 8.2 6ZBX5
Flappy Bird 765 1966 8.2 4QY7N
Floor is Lava 681 823 9.0 TGT12
D.Va Racing 633 1291 8.2 BD9WP
Endgame 598 493 9.0 PJTY1
Emote to Kill 598 657 8.5 0V9FF
D.Va Space Battle 596 843 9.0 W2ZMG
Play as Two Heroes 586 817 11.3 Y1S15
Portal 550 726 8.2 BE2J7
“Tea” mode 540 592 9.0 R98SS
Top Down Overwatch 519 641 8.2 7KR0G
Bastion Turret FFA 503 708 8.2 8E1CK
Flappy Bird Multiplayer 491 1010 9.0 P3DNC
Third-Person Mode 423 753 9.0 NVFTS
Super Smash Bros 394 574 8.2 2SQKT
Helicopter Mode 389 698 8.2 E5NGZ
Surfer Mei 386 660 8.2 JBWH8
Lucio Racing 340 558 9.0 PH0BJ
Hero Gauntlet 328 491 8.2 7DC42