How to practice 1v1 vs specific heroes in Overwatch Workshop

Connor Bennett

One Overwatch fan has taken the newest PTR update and put it’s Dummy Bots feature to good use, giving fans a practical Overwatch Workshop mode.

The Overwatch Workshop has been around since Apil, allowing fans to conjure ideas of their own and implement them in-game. This has seen new heroes, new game modes, and even unique practice situations.

Yet, thanks to the newest PTR [public testing region] update, fans can now use it to build up one-on-one fights that will you to practice combating against those annoying in-game situations. It’s something that has been quickly latched upon, especially with Doomfist.

Blizzard EntertainmentDoomfist is the first hero you can fight with the new PTR and Workshop crossover.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user Giacomand, showcased their new idea for a Workshop mode. Centered around the new Dummy Bots, the Redditor was able to take on Doomfist in a one-on-one setting, using the new system to practice fighting against specific moves and abilities.

They explained: “The new PTR patch added Dummy Bots, which are bots with no computer controlling their actions. You can use any hero for dummy bots because they don’t need an AI to work. This means you can use the workshop to control their actions, which I do here to make the Doomfist shoot, slam, and uppercut towards me.”

Of course, the interesting idea immediately caught the eye of some fans, who were quick to register their interest in similar modes for other heroes.

“Time to make that Genji bot,” responded user youshedo, while another – Haaaruuuu – added: “Another new way to practice my sleep darts! Nice work.”

Not everyone was sold by the practicality of the idea, however, as knowing what you’re fighting against does have its drawbacks. 

It was something Redditor JustFlashBombIt noted, as they stated: “I like it, but you should never see a good Doom coming at you,” with a smiley face attached.

Whether or not these Dummy Bots take off as a practice tool remains to be seen, but they clearly add something of value to all levels of play.

Who knows, if the Doomfist practice arena proves to be popular with players, there could very well be similar modes for other, difficult to play against characters. Before long, you very well be dodging Ana’s sleep darts instead of practicing how to hit them for yourself.

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