Overwatch Twitch streamer seemingly leaks new OW2 hero after content creator meeting

Michael Gwilliam
OW2 hero leak

Twitch streamer Wanted may have gotten a bit too excited hyping up Overwatch 2 after a content creator meeting with Blizzard and let slip the name of an upcoming hero.

Overwatch 2 is finally launching on October 4 with new maps, modes, gameplay, and three heroes, the third of which has yet to be revealed.

After a content creator meeting where streamers met with Blizzard to discuss details about OW2 prior to the game’s release, Wanted praised Overwatch 2, claiming that the “golden age” was coming back.

However, when he started talking about new characters he was looking forward to playing or potentially maining, he seemingly jumped the gun and could have revealed a bit too much.

Overwatch 2 streamer possibly leaks upcoming hero

When Wanted was asked if there would be a hero he’d main over Cassidy, the streamer appeared to be on autopilot and started referencing a character that isn’t out yet.

“I was thinking about Kir…” he began before stopping himself mid-word. “Kirito, like from Sword Art Online.”

Despite the streamer trying to save face after saying the name, it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time a name beginning with Kir has been brought up by leakers.

Overwatch 2 hero leak
Could Kiriko be the name of the next Overwatch 2 hero?

Over a month ago on Reddit, an account specializing in Overwatch 2 leaks claimed that the upcoming fox support hero would be named Kiriko and would be released on October 4 when the game is out.

It’s not clear if Wanted really did leak the name or if the Reddit post is accurate, but with less than a month to go before OW2 is in our hands, we won’t have long to wait in any case.

Expect to learn more about the final new launch hero and Overwatch 2 in the weeks ahead as Blizzard begins marketing the sequel to fans of the series.

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