Overwatch 2 team reveals new content on the way amid special creator summit

Genji in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has revealed when players can expect to get more information about Overwatch 2 in the build-up to its October 4 release.

Overwatch 2 is finally coming out later this year, but so far, players have only had a couple of betas to try out the game and they won’t be getting a third, much to their chagrin.

A lot of what Overwatch 2 will have to offer is going to be in the form of its revamped ranked experience and battle pass, both of which Blizzard is expected to reveal more information about.

Now, with the release date drawing near, Blizzard has revealed that it’s hosting a special summit for content creators in preparation for the wave of new information that will be coming out.

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Sombra activates EMPBlizzard Entertainment
More Overwatch 2 info is on the way!

Blizzard teases big Overwatch 2 news in the works

In a post on Twitter, Overwatch Community Manager Andy Belford explained how next week, fans of content creators may notice their favorite streamers are absent.

“We’ve invited several folks to an offsite NDA’d creator summit,” he revealed, adding that they’ll be able to start talking about it next month.

Of course, September starts very soon, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when during the month Twitch streamers and YouTubers will be able to actually talk about what they’re shown.

As for what teases are in store, Andy didn’t specify or provide any hints, but many have been speculating that the new support fox hero and Season One content will be on the docket.

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We’re only a few weeks out from the long-awaited release of Overwatch 2, but some of the game’s core features such as its PvE story campaign are expected to be added sometime in 2023.

Basically, don’t get your hopes up for any story content, but with so much in the way of new maps, modes, heroes, and cosmetics, there should be plenty for players to sink their teeth into and discover.