Overwatch 2 Pride Event 2024: Start date, map changes, Twitch drops, more

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Overwatch 2 Pride 2024 header

The Overwatch 2 Pride Event 2024 is set to include map changes, Twitch drops, cosmetics, and more, so here is everything you need to know about the new event.

Overwatch 2 will once again be celebrating Pride Month, the devs confirming the news in a new blog post and revealing what players can expect from the event, with map changes, Twitch drops and more all included in the LGTQ+-focused occasion.

As well as announcing a variety of streams that will feature OW2, LGBTQ+ content creators, developer Blizzard will also be including some exciting in-game changes and rewards for players to dive into throughout Pride.

With this being said, here is everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Pride Event for 2024, including the start date, Twitch drops, and more.


Overwatch 2 Pride event 2024: Start date

The Overwatch 2 Pride event will start on June 1, 2024 which is when Pride month begins. 

While the end date has not been confirmed, it will likely run for the whole month similar to last year’s Pride event.

Overwatch 2 Pride event: Map changes to Midtown

Overwatch 2 Pride 2024 midtown
Midtown will be decked out in Rainbows throughout Pride Month

Midtown will once again be decked out with all things Pride, the devs confirming in a new blog post that the map will be filled with “rainbows of confetti falling from the sky” as well as Pride flags littered throughout the map in place of the typically American Flags.

Adding to the in-game lore, the devs also confirmed that these visual changes signify an actual “local Pride parade” taking place within the Overwatch world, allowing heroes and players to celebrate how “everyone’s true self is authentic and beautiful.”

Overwatch 2 Pride event 2024: Twitch drops

As well as visual changes, Overwatch 2 will be providing players the opportunity to get their hands on some exclusive Pride-themed cosmetics via Twitch drops.

Currently, the only Twitch drop that has been revealed is a new Monarch Rare skin for Venture, with the devs confirming that other cosmetics will also be up for grabs.

For those wanting to tune in for these new Twitch drops, check out the OW2 esports channel from June 8 to June 9, as both the Rising Series and the Challenger Series take place.

Overwatch 2 Pride event: Venture comic details

Overwatch 2 Pride 2024 Venture
A brand new comic focused on Venture will release during Pride month

Similarly to the 2023 Pride Event, this year will also include a brand new comic and short story for fans to dive into and read. For 2024, the comic will be focused on Venture, the first trans non-binary Hero in the game, and will be available from June 7, 2024. 

The official synopsis for Venture’s Adventures: Tangle with Talon reads the following:

“While on an archaeological mission at Ilios, Venture is set upon by Mauga and a troop of Talon agents! As the goons loot the archaeological site, Venture faces a desperate choice: heft their drill and join the fight or cower in fear of the villains. Will Venture summon the courage to defend Ilios? And just why is Talon looting these ruins?”

Overwatch 2 Pride event 2024: Blizzard Pride collection

Overwatch 2 Pride 2024 Blizzard collection
Blizzard will be partnering with The Trevor Project for Pride Month 2024

As well as offering up some new Twitch drops, Blizzard also confirmed that there will be a variety of real-life clothing and apparel to purchase as part of their Blizzard Pride collection

What’s more, 100% of the proceeds from these purchases will be donated to The Trevor Project, a company that offers support for the LGBTQ+ community and is a leading organization for suicide prevention and crisis intervention for the community.

And that’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s Pride Event for 2024.

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