Overwatch 2 “leak” possibly reveals three new heroes and public beta date

New Overwatch 2 hero maugaBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch 2 leak has surfaced claiming to reveal three new heroes that will launch with a beta later on in February.

An Overwatch 2 beta has been rumored for a couple of weeks now ever since a meeting between content creators and developers was leaked, indicating that a beta would launch later in the month.

These rumors intensified after Overwatch 2 showed up on the developer Battle.net server suggesting that players won’t have long to wait until they could get their hands on the sequel.

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Now, a new leak is gaining momentum within the community for claiming what the next heroes added to the game will be and when fans will be able to see it for themselves.

Sojourn in OverwatchBlizzard
Overwatch fans might be able to play as Sojourn soon.

Overwatch 2 beta details possibly revealed

A post on MMO-Champion forums by a user claiming to have knowledge of OW2 and World of Warcraft has been spreading in Blizzard fandoms.

The leak claims that a closed beta will begin in late February with a public test coming in March. Additionally, three new heroes will be available: Sojourn, Mauga and Yako.

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“They’ll be announcing two more new heroes: Mauga (buff tank dude that dual wields gatling guns) and Yako (teenage ninja girl with a giant shuriken and pet fox spirit),” the leaker claimed. “Closed beta will start in late Feb, and a public PvE demo that is scheduled to run for two weeks in mid March (console and PC).”

Bastion Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Many heroes are being reworked in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn has already been known for quite some time, but the news of Mauga and Yako has fans hopeful. Mauga was first shown off back when Baptiste was first added to the original game and Yako was teased on the Kanezaka death match map.

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Graffiti on the map spelling “yokai” hinted at a fox-like hero and previous reports have suggested that such a character had been shown off briefly behind closed doors at BlizzCon 2019.

Overwatch fans are excited about the potential leak. “Sounds extremely believable to me personally,” one wrote on the official Blizzard forums.

Lucio in BrazilBlizzard Entertainment
An Overwatch 2 beta is rumored for February.

Others have been skeptical, yet optimistic. “I’m going to refrain from all hype until we start seeing official stuff. I don’t want to again raise my hopes and then have them crushed by silence,” another chimed in.

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We’ll have to wait and see if the leak ends up being accurate, but with February 18 fast approaching, we won’t have long to find out.

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