Overwatch 2 could make playing tank a lot more fun with dev’s proposed change

Rory Teale
reinhardt swinging hammer in overwatch 2

Aaron Keller, Game Director of Overwatch 2, hinted that there might be changes coming that could make playing tank a lot more fun.

Blizzard made some major changes to the competitive shooter when they released Overwatch 2, one of the most important ones being a change to 5v5, completely changing the way the tank role had to be played.

However, the developers at Blizzard haven’t been complacent since then, and in Season 9 they introduced some major buffs to the DPS role, like better projectile size and a passive that reduces enemy healing by 20%.

Since that change, the other roles have been struggling to survive in a DPS-defined meta, especially tanks, so the developers have stated that a possible change could be arriving soon.

Aaron Keller, in a streamed conversation with top Overwatch content creator Flats, admitted that “maybe there has to be some sort of difference in that DPS Passive for Tanks and other characters.”

Many struggling Tank players celebrated after hearing this hopeful news, feeling that the role had become stale and unfun since the Season 9 changes.

“Tanks melt like butter this season due to the DPS passive. It needs to be nerfed,” said one person. “If tank, DPS passive 0% debuff.. wrap it up let’s go,” agreed another player.

However, some referred to a popular proposal that has been floating around the community ever since the start of Overwatch 2: “It’s simple. Remove the passive or bring back 6v6. We appreciate the OW team for trying something new, but it isn’t working,” pointed out one fan.

Whether Overwatch does return to its original format of 5v5 remains to be seen, but regardless players will be welcoming of any change that shifts the current meta.