Overwatch 2 players suspect Venture play-test is on the horizon

Shane Black
venture ow2 concept art

Overwatch 2 fans believe that the game’s next hero, Venture, is going to get an official announcement and play-testing period very soon.

Whenever a new hero is released in Overwatch 2, the character is given a period of play-testing to help the devs tweak its balancing.

And with the next hero, Venture, on the horizon, many players are anxious to know when they can finally test them out.

And if the hints the Overwatch 2 community is certain they’re seeing is any indicator, that will be very soon.

Overwatch 2 fans believe Venture play-testing is coming soon

Overwatch 2 hero Venture
Venture is set to release in Season 10.

The conversation is happening on the Competitive Overwatch 2 subreddit, where a player made a post titled: “There are 2 videos hidden in the S9 playlist on the OW YT channel. Venture this weekend?”

Further, they mention how some errors have begun appearing in the training range, which is what happened right before Mauga was announced.

It seems that most of the community is thinking the same thing with these clues, as the top comment says:

“Surprised they might be doing this preview weekend so soon after a sizable mid season content update but looking at the calendar the clock is ticking if they want to implement any meaningful feedback in time for season 10. We might found out tomorrow I guess!”

One user points out that the upcoming Quickplay Hacked event will have a focus on DPS characters, which is what Venture is.

“Honestly the quickplay hacked event would be a good opportunity to drop the preview since everyone queuing for dps is going to want to play them anyway.”

Of course, this is all speculation, but it certainly seems as if Overwatch 2 is gearing up for something and the fans are eager to see what it is.