Overwatch Switch leak has fans speculating about Tracer in Smash Ultimate

Andrew Amos

A 4chan leak uncovered by Keith ‘Keiththehuman’ Jackson has got the speculation flying about the newest addition to Smash Ultimate.

An Overwatch crossover into Smash has been a long time coming. Ever since the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans have been speculating about the porting over of fan favorites like Tracer.

A rumor uncovered on 4chan on August 26 has only added fuel to the fire, with Keiththehuman tweeting out his excitement at the possible addition to the roster.

The leak tweeted by Keiththehuman states “September 12th. New Smash character reveal. Female character. She’s not a demanded character and will disappoint and confuse a lot of people. That is all.”

This, in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch Overwatch case briefly leaked today on Amazon before being taken down, has gotten some fans like Keiththehuman popping off for the reveal of someone like Tracer in Smash.

Twitter: @KeiththehumanThe rumored new Smash hero announcement could take place on September 12.

The leak is from 4chan, so it must be taken with a grain of salt. After the release of Hero on July 30, another leaker came out with a Smash Ultimate infodump on 4chan about some unreleased characters, including Frisk from Undertale.

However, these leaks have come with some scarily good accuracy in the past. Pokemon Let’s Go had some major leaks distributed before the game was announced in May 2018.

Activision-BlizzardTracer is the next Smash character rumored to join the line up.

Whether it’ll be Tracer, another Overwatch hero, or someone completely unrelated to any Blizzard franchise is still unknown. No one has officially given any statement on who, what, or when the next Smash DLC will be released.

But, fans of Smash might have to keep their eyes peeled on September 12 to see if these rumors do come true.