Is Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch? Major hint surfaces

Meg Bethany Koepp

A new Amazon product listing added to the website on August 26 could be a giant teaser for Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch has been a hit with FPS players since its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in May 2016, and they have been calling for a Nintendo Switch release ever since the console came out.

On August 26, a new product listing popped up on Amazon that could be the first major hint that fans may see their prayers answered in the near future.

Pixabay / NintendoOverwatch could be headed to the Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

The product listed on Amazon was a case for the Switch showing the Overwatch logo on the front, and claimed to be made by PowerA – a popular video game peripherals company.

It featured the game’s signature gray and orange colors, with the logo also inside the case, ten pockets for game cartridges, and a protective layer for the console itself.

AmazonThe product listing on Amazon.

It was first seen by infamous video game insider ‘Wario64’ who alerted his Twitter followers to it almost instantly. 

While some thought it could be a third-party product, the listing description knocked those ideas on the head instantly as it read “Officially Licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.”

“Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case (PowerA) listed on Amazon. “Officially Licensed by Nintendo and blizzard entertainment”,” he tweeted.

The product was delisted

Almost as fast as the product listing for the case went up, it was pulled in what was presumably an attempt to stop people from seeing it – but it was too late.

The idea of an officially licensed Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case really begs the question: is the game headed to the handheld console? It really seems likely at this point.

AmazonThe product description on the listing.

We will keep you updated on any further developments regarding Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch. Dexerto has reached out to Blizzard Entertainment, PowerA, and Amazon for comment.

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