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Game-breaking Overwatch bug completely freezes Lucio mid wallride

Published: 10/May/2021 19:20

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch bug has been discovered that can be absolutely catastrophic for Lucio players and can result in losses for your whole team.

As far as bugs in Overwatch go, not being able to play the game is probably the most severe one can get. We’ve seen weird glitches such as Dva respawning in completely different maps or players not being able to leave spawn, but being completely frozen ranks right up there.

That’s exactly what happened to a Lucio player on Busan during Overwatch player Kephrii’s Twitch stream.

After the match ended, the Lucio player told everyone in the game to check out the replay viewer and see exactly what happened.


Lucio speeds around Temple
Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio can be one of the trickiest supports to kill.

Kephrii soon discovered that the support was put in an impossible situation given the circumstances.

While Kephrii’s team was securing kills with point possession progress ticking up towards 100%, the Lucio tried to flank around and wallride to get onto the objective. However, as they did so, their character completely froze.

“Oh my God!” the Widowmaker main exclaimed after witnessing the bug. “Wow.”

Even though the Lucio could still reposition their camera and melee, they didn’t seem like they could shoot or move in any way.

“He’s completely stuck,” Kephrii gasped.

The worst part of all is that the Lucio player had to be the one to touch the point to keep the match going. Plus, it seems like the only way they could have returned to the match would have been if an enemy found and eliminated them or if they quit the game and rejoined quickly.


Lucio reacts to being frozen
Blizzard Entertainment
Being frozen mid-game must be brutal.

Unfortunately, with the match looking like it was about to end, quitting and rejoining too slow could result in a -50 SR penalty.

It’s unclear if this bug only affects players on Busan or if other maps could be a factor too. That said, Kephrii did tell the player he was going to be sending the clip of the bug to the devs so hopefully they can get it looked at and dealt with in the next patch.

For the time being, it’s best for Lucio mains to beware of this buggy spot on Busan unless you want your character to freeze in place.