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Overwatch players discover new Brigitte jump trick to counter Pharah & Echo

Published: 12/May/2021 17:48

by Michael Gwilliam


An incredible new Overwatch trick with Brigitte has been discovered that can make the typically grounded support a big threat for aerial heroes such as Pharah and Echo.

Brigitte is best known for her lethality on the ground where she can actively heal her team by hitting enemies with her mace, knocking them back with Whipshot and protecting allies with her shield. Due to her power being maximized at close-range, she is more vulnerable to airborne heroes or foes who can fight at a distance.

Certain Overwatch heroes can use the game’s physics to their advantage, resulting in some crazy movement techs, such as with Doomfist’s Rocket Punch propelling him to new heights. As it turns out, Brigitte can do something similar with her Shield Bash.


Gaining access to the high ground is key to maintaining a positional advantage in Overwatch and thanks to a new trick, Brigitte can not only reach the high ground with ease, she can even use her newfound height to battle heroes who thrive in the air.

Overwatch Brig shield bash
Blizzard Entertainment
Brigitte’s Shieldbash can be used for more than just stunning enemies.

As showcased by Redditor stickyyo, on Ilios – one of the best maps for Pharah and Echo – by Shieldbashing the trees or other props and jumping at just the right time, Brigitte can wall jump and gain an incredible height advantage.

In the clip, stickyyo positions the crosshair directly on objects while activating Shieldbash and jumping to use the trick.


“So, if you ever played Ball and tried to wall jump it’s the same thing, usually, you need to tap S right before you hit the wall. however it doesn’t seem to matter with Brig, so just jump and bash,” the user explained in the comments.

Was trying to get consistent with brig wall jumping, and turns out the physics engine is broken [OC] from Competitiveoverwatch

Others have already begun theorizing how this trick can be used against enemies in the sky. “You see a Pharah, you wall bash up to her and roll them,” a player commented.

If a Pharah or Echo is giving your team trouble as Brigitte, be sure to remember this trick and bring the pain to them in the sky.