Overwatch Season 26 extended after March 4 patch issues

overwatch patch echoBlizzard

Blizzard have delayed the release of Season 27 while extending the current competitive season in Overwatch for a few days, after encountering issues with the March 4 patch.

The developers have tried numerous fixes in light of the technical issues on March 4, but they have yet to crack the code. In the meantime, they’re going to let Overwatch players get into the servers while they figure out a meaningful solution.

“Our team tested a number of fixes, but in the interest of time and allowing players to get back into Competitive Play,” Blizzard Community Manager, Josh Nash said in a blog post. “We have made the choice to extend Season 26 a few days while we continue to identify the cause of this issue and work on a fix.”

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While there’s some caveats to the season extension, Overwatch players will still be able to earn some rewards during this unorthodox transition and can expect Season 27 to drop soon.

genji overwatchBlizzard
Blizzard had some difficulties launching Season 27 after the March 4 patch.

Overwatch Season 27 release

Blizzard is going to give Season 26 a bit more time to breathe, which will let people get into a few more games that’ll technically count for their progress.

When players look at how long there’s left in the season, they’ll see a “season ends in less than a minute” tag. If all goes well, then Blizzard plans to have Season 27 ready to go by next week.

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As it stands, the target date for Season 27 is Tuesday, March 9 at 11 AM PST, giving everyone about four extra days of the current season.

“As if Season 26 never ended,” Blizzard said. All of the leaderboards will be left intact so that players can still gauge how they’ve been doing.

overwatch winstonBlizzard
Overwatch players will have a few more days to compete in Season 26.

Furthermore, people who climb during this period will still be eligible to receive rewards like sprays, but will not get additional competitive credits.

Obviously, players in the Top 500 who already claimed their rewards aren’t going to get rewarded once Season 26 ends again.

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If you haven’t claimed your end-of-season rewards, Blizzard will give you until Tuesday to pick up any Season 26 rewards.

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