Simple Overwatch trick massively increases Baptiste’s healing

Baptiste heals teammates on IliosBlizzard Entertainment

Maximizing your healing output as Baptiste in Overwatch can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping everyone on your team topped off. Luckily, a simple trick can increase those numbers and even save allies from the brink of death.

Baptiste’s kit is one of the most powerful when it comes to supports. His biotic launcher does good healing, his primary fire can be effective against foes, Immortality Field can save teammates or himself from ultimates, and he can reach high ground with ease, thanks to his Exo Boots.

Despite all this going for him, if there is one area he may lack, it’s burst healing. The Haitian hero can only heal for a maximum of 75 HP per second by hitting a direct with his Biotic Launcher for 60, and activating Regenerative Burst for an extra 15.

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As such, some enemies can shred through this extra healing, forcing Baptiste to use Immortality Field early on or even his ultimate Amplification Matrix to increase his healing shots.

Baptiste uses amp matrixBlizzard Entertainment
Baptiste has one of the best kits in Overwatch.

There’s actually a better way to keep your team alive, however, and it comes in the form of shooting up into the air during any down time. Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher shots travel pretty far, so aiming right into the sky will let them come crashing down to where you fired from a few seconds later.

As showcased by Redditor riporter_lives, the Baptiste player was able to pump his Reinhardt full of heals while holding the enemy squad back on King’s Row. Despite being discorded and being down a couple teammates, the tank was able to survive thanks to the shots fired vertically in the air.

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In some cases, the shots fired into the air would connect with the Reinhardt at the same time as the normal shots, resulting in 120 HP of burst healing.

Best of all, though, is how this trick really helps with ultimate charge. Riporter_lives began the clip with only 2% towards Amplification Matrix, and it was fully charged 48 seconds later.

Speaking of ultimates, this is where the numbers can get crazy. If one of those vertical shots connect at the same time Baptiste heals through Amplification Matrix and his Regenerative Burst is active, he’s healing for 195 HP. That can be all the difference between winning and losing a match.

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Next time you play Baptiste, be sure to give this trick a shot and see if you can increase your healing numbers.