Bizarre Overwatch respawn bug is giving D.Va an unfair advantage

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch D.VA respawn bug

Overwatch’s Korean tank, D.Va, has yet another issue that needs to be fixed, as players are appearing back at the spawn point when they’re de-meching. 

When it comes to D.Va, the Overwatch tank character has been plagued by bugs since the introduction of Blizzard’s FPS.

The most recent issue has been with staggering her remech buff, which was introduced as part of April Fool’s and promptly made permanent due to fan popularity.

Turns out, though, that there’s another bug causing problems. It seems like Blizzard have yet another crease to iron out when it comes to the Korean idol.

Dva poses as her mech explodes
D.Va has become quite the handful!

D.Va bug leaves players in spawn

Players have had issues with D.Va appearing in random places since the dawn of time, but it’s getting a little out of hand.

During a game of Mystery Heroes (the fan favorite Arcade mode that sees players assigned a random hero upon spawn and respawn,) one player gets de-meched after taking heaps of damage from Tracer and Wrecking Ball.

As the warning sign starts to flash and D.Va is kicked out of the MEKA, the Wrecking Ball makes a beeline straight for her. Hitting her at full speed, the Korean idol resigns herself to certain death. Yet, that isn’t what happens. Instead, she ends up back in spawn at full health, but without her mechanical companion.

Several respondents have theorized that this is a result of the game’s AI not knowing where D.Va is when she’s CC’d when de-meching, and therefore it decides to plant her right back at the place where she’s designated to respawn.


While this bizarre occurrence really does, to borrow the original poster’s words, “put the ‘mystery’ in Mystery Heroes,” it also ruins the game mode.

As we mentioned earlier, players are supposed to be given a new hero upon every respawn. While this bug is great if you’re a D.Va main, it means that you’re not getting the rotating hero system that the game promises. And that just sucks all of the fun out of it.

In a normal game, though, this is equally as frustrating, as you’re not being assigned the kill for D.Va. She also doesn’t need to wait to be respawned, giving the enemy team the upper hand as she can start wracking up ult points in order to re-mech faster. And we all know that mech’d D.Va is much worse than baby D.Va.

Hopefully, Blizzard get around to implementing a fix for this. Whether it means she’s killed outright or just tossed higher into the air due to the CC is up to Blizzard.

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