Ridiculous Overwatch April Fool’s patch brings back Hanzo’s scatter arrow, Tank Mei, more

Brad Norton
Overwatch Hanzo gameplay

Joining in on the April Fool’s Day fun, Blizzard has deployed a hilarious Experimental patch that buffs every hero in the most ridiculous ways imaginable. 

April Fool’s Day in the gaming industry is always a special time of year. Some developers prank their player base while others offer a unique update instead. After years of googly eyes being the main attraction in Overwatch, Blizzard has stepped things up in 2021.

A new experimental patch has completely tipped the game on its head. Heroes have been gifted the most absurd buffs in Overwatch history and the best part is, it’s all playable for a limited time.

Anyone can jump into the experimental playlist and test these ridiculous changes in-game. 

No hero untouched in Overwatch April Fool’s patch

What would an April Fool’s Day patch be if not for some emphatic Torbjorn buffs? The lovable engineer now does a whopping 200% more damage with his Forge Hammer while in Overload. Expect to see plenty of melee kills in the feed as a result.

When it comes to Tank heroes, Wrecking Ball might have been hit with the most outlandish change. All of his ability cooldowns are now lightning quick, but it comes with a unique caveat. Hammond is now in ball form at all times, meaning the hero literally can’t shoot.

Meanwhile, Reinhardt gained a special look at his future. When Overwatch 2 finally launches, the popular hero will have far more control of his Charge ability. Before we get there though, players can test this extreme power in the experimental update. 

Speaking of Tanks, Mei has also been adjusted to fit the Tank role. With a drastic increase in health and size, perhaps Mei will finally move on from the DPS category.

Last but not least, a number of Support heroes were hilariously buffed by the April Fool’s Day patch.

Zen might not be able to walk but he can levitate for 3 seconds just from hitting the jump button. Additionally, Ana’s Nano Boost is now a two-for-one effect, buffing herself along with her target.

You can jump into Overwatch today and test these joke changes for yourself. Before you do, brush up on every single adjustment with the full patch notes below.

Overwatch April 1 experimental patch notes



Nano Boost

  • Boosting an ally will now also boost Ana


Coach Gun

  • Projectile damage increased from 6 to 9
  • Can now deal critical damage
  • Spread reduced by 50%
  • No longer knocks back enemies


Biotic Launcher (Secondary Fire)

  • Direct grenade hits heal for 33% more health

Immortality Field

  • Now reduces damage by incoming by 50% instead of setting a minimum health value
  • Cooldown reduced from 25 to 15 seconds



  • Character scale reduced by 15%

Configuration: Recon

  • Weapon spread removed



  • Hitting an enemy now resets the cooldown of Shield Bash


Call Mech

  • Now deals 600 damage to enemies on impact
  • Ultimate charge cost reduced by 30%


Rocket Punch

  • Can now travel upward



  • Duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds



  • Cooldown is now reset after eliminating a target


Storm Arrows

  • Storm Arrows now ricochet off the environment


Steel Trap

  • Can now have up to 3 traps active at the same time
  • Cooldown reduced from 10 to 7 seconds


Amp It Up

  • Now also increases the strength of Soundwave’s knockback


Peacekeeper (Primary Fire)

  • Headshots now refund 1 ammo


  • No longer limited to 1 tumbleweed



  • Reassigned to the Tank role
  • Character scale increased 15%
  • Health increased from 250 to 400


Guardian Angel

  • Can now target enemies


Biotic Grasp (Secondary Fire)

  • Range decreased from 20 to 15 meters
  • Damage increased from 50 to 75 damage per second

Biotic Orb

  • Cooldown reduced by 1 second for every 100 health restored to an ally with Biotic Grasp (Primary Fire)



  • Forward run speed increased by 40%


Concussive Blast

  • Cooldown reduced from 9 to 6 seconds


  • Can now move while casting


Shadow Step

  • Cast time reduced from 1.5 to 1 seconds

Wraith Form

  • Now grants flight for its duration



  • Now has 200% more power steering


Chain Hook

  • Cooldown reduced by 50% after hitting an enemy



  • No longer bound by gravity

Experimental Barrier

  • Disabled

Kinetic Grasp

  • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 8 seconds

Soldier: 76


  • Now generates 6 ammo-per-second while active

Tactical Visor

  • Now aims for headshots



  • Stealth changes


Photon Projector (Primary Fire)

  • Beam range increased from 12 to 16 meters


Forge Hammer

  • Damage increased by 200% while Overload is active
  • Killing blows increase the Overload duration by 2 seconds



  • Now restores all Blink charges


Widow’s Kiss (Primary Fire)

  • Damage increased from 13 to 15
  • Spread reduced 30%

Widow’s Kiss (Secondary Fire)

  • Charged shots now pierce enemies


Barrier Projector

  • Enemy damage now grants Winston ultimate charge

Primal Rage

  • Melee damage increased from 40 to 90
  • Melee knockback increased by 40%

Wrecking Ball


  • All ability cooldowns reduced by 3 seconds


  • Is now always active
  • Damage increased from 50 to 60

Grappling Claw

  • Cooldown increased from 5 to 7 seconds

Adaptive Shield

  • No longer prevents enemies from generating ultimate charge



  • Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier are now on a shared cooldown with 2 charges



  • Can now levitate for up to 3 seconds by holding Jump

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