Overwatch releases amazing new Ana Bastet short as a unique YouTube collaboration

Dillongoo/Blizzard Entertainment

awesome animations inspired by the game’s past heroes, and his latest project was a special shortfocusing on Ana’s Bastet Challenge.

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One of Dillongoo’s ongoing projects has been to turn Overwatch heroes into adorable cat animations, and the Ana Bastet short is no different.

The video shows how Ana and Soldier: 76 (both in cat form) take on Hakim of Cairo, the criminal boss they were tracking in the Bastet short story.

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The two agents take on Hakim and his rat pack on the Temple of Anubis map in what starts out as a chase but ends up being an all out brawl.

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Eventually Hakim pops some sort of Bane serum to go full beastmode and is promptly slept by Ana. However, Hakim is then prematurely woken up by and attack from Soldier 76, a scene all too familiar for seasoned Ana players.

“Blizzard actually reached out to me to create this for their Ana Bastet Challenge event on Overwatch,” Dillongoo explained. “I had a blast working on it.”

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Ana’s Bastet Challenge started on January 8 and goes until the 21, and players have the chance to earn the new Epic Ana “Bastet” skin and other cosmetics if they win a total of nine games.

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There are also six different sprays available for watching Overwatch streamers who have drops enabled.

Ana’s Bastet Challenge ends on Monday, January 21, so players now have less than a week to get all of their wins in they haven’t already.