This fan made Overwatch fight animation featuring Widowmaker will blow you away - Dexerto

This fan made Overwatch fight animation featuring Widowmaker will blow you away

Published: 28/Sep/2018 20:29 Updated: 28/Sep/2018 21:12

by Bill Cooney


Fan-made art and media are a big part of what makes the Overwatch community what it is today, and this awesome fight animation is no exception.

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Dillongoo has made several Overwatch animations and fight sequences before, including one that reimagines Overwatch heroes as cats, but this is one of the most impressive and satisfying to watch so far.

The YouTuber really captures what every true cold-hearted Widow main dreams about – annihilating the enemy team and then standing off point to stick it to your ungrateful teammates.

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To start out the video, Widow is perched making terrible shots while enjoying a nice baguette (a familiar sight to many Overwatch players). Her teammates, on the other hand, rush in and die to a massive D.Va bomb, then start talking smack.


If there’s any way to really get through to a Widow player, it’s talking trash, and after it happens to the Widow in this video the fireworks really start.

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Honestly, these are probably the kinds of moves that every Widow player wishes they could bust out on a moments notice to shut up those annoying, naysaying teammates.

There was plenty of fantastic Widow play during the recently concluded Overwatch World Cup Group Stages and that should continue on into the finals at Blizzcon.

There’s also the possibility of new Overwatch game modes, missions and heroes being revealed at Blizzcon – more target practice for all those Widowmaker players to poke at.