Overwatch pros explain why players should be more ‘DPS-minded’ in Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 details and reactions are continuing to emerge from the OWL play test, as Overwatch pros think that the game will allow players across every role to be more ‘DPS-minded.’

Going from 6v6 to 5v5 might not sound that dramatic, but the game’s very best players have some intriguing projections. After getting to watch and test Overwatch 2 out a week ago, caster Matt ‘Mr X’ Morello and a few pros believe the sequel may feel very different.

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We’ve already spoken about adverse reactions to support changes, a curious Call of Duty vibe, and benefits to flex supports. But there’s some feedback that bloodthirsty players will love: apparently everyone can live out their DPS dreams in OW2.

Talking about playing with one less tank in the upcoming 2022 game, Mr X and the Atlanta Reign’s Blake ‘Gator’ Scott explained why damage should be more pivotal than ever — across all roles.

Overwatch 2 will, across all roles, be more DPS-minded

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Mr X started the concept off simply: “With one less player, it gives everybody a little bit more freedom to do more damage and be more offensive-minded.”

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And Gator, an experienced Overwatch League pro, was in full agreement. The tank explained that “it feels like the damage you do just kind of matters more … it feels like you’re extremely rewarded for every bit of damage you do, which is nice.”

nutcracker zenyattaBlizzard Entertainment
Zen is already a beloved, DPS-minded support.

Going further, the two dove into why the importance of damage means more offensive priorities for supports in particular. 

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This contrasts against current Overwatch, where Gator says poke damage is just about “building up a support ult” and Mr X says supports are relegated to “staring at my two tanks and shooting them in the back.”

Conversely, in Overwatch 2, Gator thinks that “there’s more opportunity for people to just make plays and stuff, which seems really cool.” To illustrate this, he used the example of Ana being able to prioritize her grenades for attacking foes rather than healing tanks.

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A DPS-filled meta in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch Ana OWL skinBlizzard Entertainment
Attack Ana could be a reality in Overwatch 2.

In sum, it’s interesting how much the loss of one tank affects all other roles. With less healing and poking to be done, alongside the healing changes, it seems that DPS can come from more roles.

And Gator thinks that might impact the meta. The Reign pro had a very fun projection for Zenyatta and Lucio fans: “I would love to see some of those lower-healing comps come back, which I think is very likely.”

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