Overwatch pro explains why flex supports will be “super happy” in Overwatch 2

Theo Salaun
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If you’re a flex support in Overwatch, there’s good news for the sequel. After testing out Overwatch 2, pro player SPACE explained why “good flex support players” will be delighted by the gameplay.

The Los Angeles Gladiators’ Indy ‘SPACE’ Halpern is not a flex support, but he’s been a pro player for a while now so he’s played and faced many of the Overwatch League’s best. With that experience in tow, he had some exciting thoughts about flex supports in OW2.

As most fans know by now, Overwatch 2 will shift the game from 6v6 to 5v5, sacrificing one tank. This switch is at the root of why SPACE believes the title will make life better for talented flex supports.

While fellow pro Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi called the OW2 healing changes “not good,” SPACE noticed something that he thinks talented flexes will love: more mechanical outplay potential.


Overwatch 2 changes good for flex support players

As SPACE explains, the change in team roles actually benefits talented flex supports heavily: “If you’re a really good flex support player, you’re probably super happy about one tank … You only have to worry about one tank now. There’s a lot more mechanical outplays that flex supports can do and it opens up new windows for them.”

He continued on, noting just how valuable flex support skills can be in OW2: “I feel like the outplays and the mechanics are definitely going to shine a lot more for supports in Overwatch 2.”

Zenyatta NYXL
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The damage-dealing Zenyatta is possibly Overwatch’s most notorious flex support.

This feeling was supported by the other players and caster on the call, who all noted how much more impactful damage can be in Overwatch 2. While healers like Ana and Lucio apparently struggled to build ultimates due to fewer damage-sponge teammates, flexes are actually in interesting territory.

On the whole, everyone thought that damage would feel more impactful across all roles due to the restraints on healers. But, for flex supports like Zenyatta, that means fragging can be even more effective — especially since they can’t be attacked by opposing tanks as easily.

This puts good flex supports in a very fun position, theoretically, as the role is best-suited to those who want to get in the action. So, if you’re a good Zen — rejoice. If you’re a bad Zen, hit the training room.