Overwatch Pride Month Tracer skin concept is so good it’s game-ready

Lauren Bergin
Blizzard Entertainment, MangakaMaiden Photography

To honor Pride Month, Overwatch fans are reimagining their favorite heroes in rainbow colors, but one fan has created the perfect skin idea for the title’s LGBTQI+ icon, Tracer.

While Tracer has become the face of Overwatch, the spunky little Englishwoman represents more than just Blizzard’s flagship FPS; she embodies the LGBTQI+ community.

A gay woman herself, the hero has become an inspiration to millions of LGBTQI+ people everywhere. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when fans have been designing skins to honor Pride Month, the fan-favorite DPS has featured pretty frequently.

In a similar vein to this colorful rainbow Mercy concept, one fan has created a stunning Pride Month Tracer recolor that would be the perfect way to celebrate the season in-game.

Tracer Overwatch
Activision Blizzard
Tracer is one of two LGBTQI+ heroes in the Overwatch cast.

Overwatch Tracer Pride Month skin is perfect

If you’re looking to fly your rainbow flag in true Tracer style, then one fan has created a dynamic rainbow-themed skin concept that we need in our game right now.

A recolor of the now elusive Comic Book Tracer, graphic artist Jinta has decked the speedy hero out in an outfit that just screams Pride.

Perfectly balancing the prismatic colors on the left against a white base on the right, Tracer’s entire look has been given a spectacular fresh lick of paint. With her hair, the color of snow and fringe fading through the spectrum from indigo to red, Jinta’s concept takes our breath away.

On her leggings, the iconic ‘Tracer’ has been replaced with ‘Pride,’ and a corset style ribbon design adorns the sides of her tights.

He’s also included a step-by-step image showing how he conceptualized the skin.

Fans are obsessed

In a dedicated Reddit thread players have voiced their opinions on Pride Tracer, and it’s pretty clear that fans are in love with this idea. A whole host of fans have complimented the skin, writing that it “would look sick” in-game, and is “clean af.”

One fan even admits that their love for this skin outweighs their sheer hatred for the character. “I f**king hate Tracer to the depths of my soul but that is f**king gorgeous.”

To add to the design one fan has suggested that, if the skin ever became a reality, that “it would make it better if her dash was rainbow colored as well.”

So, it’s pretty clear Jinta has hit the nail on the head with this design. Considering it’s his “first Overwatch concept,” we can’t wait to see what he creates next!