How to get free Overwatch Pride Month icon

Overwatch Pride IconBlizzard Entertainment

If you’re looking to fly the Pride flag in Overwatch, Blizzard have released a new icon to honor the season! Here’s how to get it, and what it looks like. 

When it comes to major seasonal events in Overwatch, Blizzard have nailed the art of celebrating. Whether it’s the Anniversary event, or the upcoming Summer Games, the devs really do know how to bring the party.

Joining fellow FPS titles such as Valorant and Apex Legends in celebrating Pride Month, Blizzard have added an adorable Pride-themed icon to let fans fly the rainbow flag in game.

So, here’s how to get the Overwatch Pride Month icon, as well as a sneak-peek at what it looks like in-game.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s Solider 76 is one of the title’s most iconic LGBTQI+ characters.

What does the Pride icon look like?

Over the years the iconic FPS has amassed a pretty significant collection of icons, but this year’s Pride icon really does stand out from the rest.

Entitled ‘Rainbow,’ the icon is simple yet effective. Showing off the colors of the iconic rainbow flag that represents all of the different LGBTQI+ identities, you’ll be able to show off your Pride in classic style.

Overwatch Pride iconBlizzard Entertainment
Make sure you snag the icon before it’s gone!

How to get the Overwatch Pride icon

Thankfully, there’s not a lot of to and fro involved in getting the icon. Here are all of the steps right here:

  1. Log in to Overwatch.
  2. Select the “Career Profile” option on the main menu.
  3. At the top of the screen, select “Player Icon
  4. Scroll down, and your free Pride Month icon under the ‘Overwatch’ subhead.

Is the Pride icon limited time?

While Blizzard haven’t officially announced a time limit for the Rainbow icon, the likelihood is that it will vanish at the end of June.

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So, if you really want to add this colorful beauty to your collection, you’ll need to make sure you sign in before the month’s end.

Voila! That’s everything you need to know to claim the Overwatch Pride icon! If you’re looking to keep up to date with all of the latest news and guides, make sure to check out our dedicated main page.