Overwatch Halloween Terror teaser shows off long-awaited Zenyatta emote - Dexerto

Overwatch Halloween Terror teaser shows off long-awaited Zenyatta emote

Published: 14/Oct/2019 18:35 Updated: 14/Oct/2019 19:04

by Bill Cooney


The first teaser for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2019 event has finally dropped – and it shows off a new Zenyatta emote that some players have been wishing for since the game came out.

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Halloween Terror is one of Overwatch’s most popular events of the year, and now we finally know when the event will get going.

The start of the event also coincides with the release of Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch, which means Halloween Terror will be one of the first thing Switch players see after they download.

Blizzard EntertainmentPlayers have been looking forward to finding out what new Halloween skins will come out this year.
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A bold new direction for Zenyatta 

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event gets going on October 15 and ends on November 4, so players shouldn’t waste any time getting those Halloween loot boxes.


We still haven’t seen any leaks or teasers for new Halloween skins this year, but Overwatch did throw in a preview of an emote that finally lets the floating Omnic monk Zenyatta stand up straight.

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The fantastic emote has Zenyatta get on his feet to take a much deserved stretch after floating with his legs crossed for the last three years.

Before anyone notices he glances around before resumes his classic floating, if Skullyatta doesn’t get you in the mood for Halloween Terror, nothing will.

We still haven’t seen any new skins for 2019, but if the Zen trick is anything to go off of, Overwatch could have some treats in store for players this year.


The idea of Zenyatta standing or walking on his little-used legs has been a popular meme since Blizzard actually made him walk during Overwatch League Season One.

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A new Halloween map skin?

Eichenwalde, Hollywood and Chateau Guillard will be getting their traditional Halloween makeover this year, and there’s a good chance Junkertown will be joining them.

Assets for what appear to be a night version of Junkertown were leaked by Youtuber Blame The Controller in September, with a lot of items missing from the area around the first checkpoint.

The YouTuber admits that we should take this with a grain of salt, since someone could have just darkened the already existing map to make it look like a Halloween reskin.


Blame the ControllerCould Junkertown be the next map to get a Halloween reskin?
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The new trailer from Overwatch finally gives us a preview of some of the new content coming to the event for 2019 and finally confirms when the event is kicking off.

Zenyatta fans will finally be able to let their hero stand on his own two feet, even if it does look completely wrong.